Niemeyer / Tripoli
A series shot for Wallpaper* magazine in Tripoli / Lebanon. It's one of the lesser known works of architect Oskar Niemeyer. It has all the elements of a true Niemeyer work including concrete domes arches, floating roofs etc. Built as an industrial fair it was never put in use because of the various wars in Lebanon. When I went to photograph it, the lebanese army still used it as a base after fighting the local islamist militia. In 2006, the World Monuments Fund listed it as one of its 100 most endangered sites, in response to a failed plan to replace it with a tourist village based on Disneyland. For now, the Maarad, or exhibition, as Niemeyer’s park is known locally, sits near the sea on the edge of the city, its only occupants curious visitors and residents out for a walk.